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What Happens At Velas…

So where were we?... almost Velas! (Please read the previous post to catch up, even I had to haha!) (Also I completed more trips in the mean time so don't worry, there'll be more travel blogs coming your way, yay!) The winding roads, greenery all around, some off-roading and a whole lot of stopping later… Continue reading What Happens At Velas…


Sunset & Sunrise At Velas

Before I begin, I'd just like to clarify, I went to see the turtle hatching but had to return without seeing any. But I don't regret it one bit. TL;DR -  The trip begins with an early morning start from Mumbai, travelling across the coastal road, marked by three ferry rides on the beautiful Arabian… Continue reading Sunset & Sunrise At Velas

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Social Media Overload: Post Much?

With Valentine's day madness past us, I feel it is the time to contemplate. But about what, you ask. Well, in the weeks leading up to V-Day and post that, I saw people exchanging gifts, letters, and grand gestures; coupled with a few people getting married or engaged (because apparently, I'm at that age now),… Continue reading Social Media Overload: Post Much?

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A Tale Of Broken Shoes, Bird Shit, A Thunderstorm, A Hazy Night.

Hello people of the universe! Did you forget me already? I hope not! I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much here, but I do post a poem or two on my Instagram page, do check it out on @inkyfingers20 So what have I been busy with you ask? Well, I started my new job a… Continue reading A Tale Of Broken Shoes, Bird Shit, A Thunderstorm, A Hazy Night.