Magic Mountains: Trek to Kalsubai Peak

Sleepless. Exhausted. Hungry – These adjectives could aptly describe me as I finished my first big trek, to Maharashtra’s highest peak; standing tall and ‘rocking it’ (pun intended) at 5400 feet above sea level.

Globe: Stop Before You Break The World

What do we see when we look at the world today? War, sadness, despair and unrest. Do we think what the children of the world are seeing as well? Do we know if they understand what is happening to the world they live in? If they do, can we know how well? If I were…

Book Analysis (Fan post!) Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto

Having read this book a few months ago (and loving it), I thought of revisiting it again, just to see if I’d missed some things. And I found so much more than I had initially understood!  If you’re someone who can’t tolerate spoilers, please stop reading here!

Goodbyes are tough (Bumper post! ) #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers

Needless to say, I’m WAY overdue with my #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers posts (for the first four, read previous posts!). I didn’t know it would be so difficult to choose from the things I liked and feature the ones which have had an impact on me. But here I am, finally at the end of a great journey….