Doomsday approaching!!

  So the dreaded/awaited day is finally creeping on us. The date 21-12-12, the day the Mayan calender tells us that our time is up! Even the movie 2012 scared the bejesus out of people, but as the days went by, less and less people seem to care about it.Some responses from people which I got when asked the following question- “what will you do if the world ends on 21-12-2012?” were :-

1) Really?? well I better head off to China then!
2) No it won’t. : |
3) I’m going off to South Africa, so I’m good 😀
4) Yeah well it should, because of some horrible reasons like political unrest, genocide, blah blah blah…
and the best :
5)Who the hell cares man!!!

If the world indeed does end on 21st Dec 2012, you might as well do all the things which you wish you would have been able to do a long time ago…
So here are some suggestions for what you can do before the world ends!!

1) Visit an old age home…
2) Do something nice for a random stranger, like keep open the door for them when you are in a supermarket, mall , etc.
3)Say sorry to the person you hurt, even though you may not talk to them now.
4) Thank the person you care for the most for being there in your life.
5) Tell the person you love that you will always love them.
6) At least visit one concert..
7) Get a permanent/temporary tattoo.
8) Colour your hair.
9) Buy something expensive which you wouldn’t buy otherwise.
10) Dance the night away with your friends!!

In short, just be happy for all the things that happened in your life, because however horrible they might have been, they have taught you a lot. Live a little for yourself and make others happy too!! Just 20 days left now…
Hey! you have little time left to do what you want to, so get a move on people!


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