Just some Indian things


A country where you are surrounded by people who have different ethnicities and still it is not at all difficult to be with them. It is the best thing about India. As they say “Variety is the spice of life” 🙂

    1)      You always eat Poha (Indian breakfast snack) with Chai (tea) or Jalebi (tubular sweet filled with syrup).

    2)      Indian boys always hate the smell of mehendi and girls just love it!!
    3)      During a wedding reception, you must always fill your plate with EVERY food item available; even though you might not eat most of it. You don’t want people to look over your plate and ask if you’re dieting.
   4)      If you have brought your Tiffin to college, don’t expect you’ll be able to even get a whiff of the food. It will all be gone within seconds, unless of course you brought some unsavoury veggies nd chapattis (Indian bread) you’ll probably have to eat it yourself 😛 .
    5)      Sachin Tendulkar is the GOD OF CRICKET, but when he is out of form, it’s legitimate to defame him and call him names.
    6)      Even though we may love to eat at Mc Donald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, etcetera, the humble sabzi-roti (veggies and chapatti) is the most satisfying meal at the end of the day.
    7)      Bollywood (Indian movie industry) movies are the only ones in the whole world where the villain and the hero dance to pop tunes at the end of the movie in a very hip song.
    8)      You can try and eat a Dosa with your fancy cutlery, but it’s always better to eat with your hands.
    9)      We love our monsoons, hate the summers, endure the winters and well, when spring comes it goes away very soon.
  10)   EVERY Indian lady is addicted to watching absolutely ridiculous soap operas which are nothing but total sob fests. I have actually witnessed women crying because they missed an episode.

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