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Last post of 2013

So...The year 2013 is coming to an end.Filled with  laughter, happiness, sadness and tears.We saw some of the most influential people leave us for the high heavens. We revelled our victories, and  mourned our losses.All in all, this was a fantastic year, and personally, it was a fabulous year for me.Particularly if I see the… Continue reading Last post of 2013

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          New found Love :- Frank SinatraHey folks! Did you have a great Christmas? Comment below with your experiences :)Now getting to the topic at hand...As you must have seen in my last blogpost, I mentioned Frank Sinatra's "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" according to me, as the best Christmas… Continue reading

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Christmas Christmas Christmas!!

                            Christmas ClassicsI am always in search of new songs. And now that my exams are over, I am on YouTube most of the time searching through channels, seeing if I find something which appeals me. As you all are aware, Christmas… Continue reading Christmas Christmas Christmas!!