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Monsoon post part II

Internet connectivity during monsoons? ha ha ha! I don't know why, but every time there is some precipitation, my broadband network seems to flicker and die (also the reason why this post is late). It has a scientific explanation, yet I find it very annoying that if I am promised a high-speed broadband connection, then, by… Continue reading Monsoon post part II

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I love the rains but….

Monsoon is the best season of them all, but its also the worst sometimes..Puddles puddles everywhere, no place to drive. The most enraging thing about the rainy season are the puddles everywhere, I mean, and this probably only happens in India, the puddles are formed in ginormous potholes, which are really like death holes. You might… Continue reading I love the rains but….

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I am alive and living.

     Woah! It has been a long time since I've written anything here. so I'll give you a gist of what all has happened.* I graduated , yeah I did! :DNot my speech. Maybe.* I gave n number of entrance exams, of which the results are awaited.Hehehehehe (nervous..)* I started reading books again.I love… Continue reading I am alive and living.