For the One who has lost faith.


This is for you, friend.

When life gives you lemons, you make nimbu ka achar, coz it lasts for long. (#indianswag 😛 )
Its never easy getting over your hardships, but you gotta get up my friend, dig a lil deeper. You’ll see the change.
The good times are not that far my friend, they are just around the corner. Wait, and see the times change in an instance. Stay strong my friend, its going to end.
Life hasn’t been so fair with you, but the tables are turning, watch them change, don’t give up just yet, you almost at the finish line. It would be a pity to stop now, when you’re so close to winning it all.

Most things is life come to those who struggle. Anything gotten easily is not appreciated as much. So struggle on my friend! Success shall be yours to take.

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