I love the rains but….


Monsoon is the best season of them all, but its also the worst sometimes..

Puddles puddles everywhere, no place to drive. 
The most enraging thing about the rainy season are the puddles everywhere, I mean, and this probably only happens in India, the puddles are formed in ginormous potholes, which are really like death holes. You might as well leave a manhole open -_- .

huh  -_-
 And the worst thing is if you’re on your scooty or bike, and a car just goes by you totally ignoring the fact that you are just beside them and splashes into that pothole like its a dirt-bike racing track, and you are splashed with that disgusting brown coloured water.Yuck!

Mean Monsoon.

This has happened to me more times than I’d care to admit. I always go around on my scooty, so I have to do a bit of prep before going out in the rains,i.e, wear my raincoat and stuff. It takes a few minutes. And more often than not, when I finish ‘gearing-up’, the rain stops; and I’m standing there like a doofus, thinking ‘should I take it off’? But I’m too lazy to do that, so I just leave it on and drive to my destination. On the way I am subjected to awkward stares, people are looking like ‘why is this girl wearing the raincoat when it isn’t even raining?’ By the time I reach my destination, the sun is shining. I sheepishly take my raincoat off and hurriedly shove it in the scooty. Its humiliating.

Why Why Why????

Everything is wet.

Everything is wet, nothing dries off. This irks my mother the most, because the clothes don’t dry quickly, so I am told to be extra careful while going out, and hence I have to be extra careful while doing anything (read the above puddles part). So I can’t rain dance if I don’t have a fresh pair of clothes at home.

Yay raincoats!

 And what comes next when everything is wet? Fever, cough and cold.

I suffer from fever at least once during the monsoons.Its such a normal phenomenon for me. Diseases spread like freebies in the monsoons.
I have actually seen people line up in front of the doctor’s office just as the first rains hit the city. People seem to get ill just about the time when the first raindrops hit the ground.
Not to mention it is quite depressing to sit inside when its so lovely out there. But I like it too.

I am so lonely…

So this is the Part I of why I don’t like the monsoons (sometimes). Part II is coming up soon.

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P.S :- All gifs from google images.


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