Monsoon post part II


Internet connectivity during monsoons? ha ha ha! 

I don’t know why, but every time there is some precipitation, my broadband network seems to flicker and die (also the reason why this post is late). It has a scientific explanation, yet I find it very annoying that if I am promised a high-speed broadband connection, then, by Indian standards, I am entitled to at least a nominal speed. But NO! How shall this happen! I NEED  the net, so I WILL NOT get it! Do what you will, this problem is so recurrent, I am habitual to it now. -_-
cough! BSNL cough!

Your private animal, err, insect planet.

This is a problem for both people who stay out, and those who stay in. All kinds of bugs will find their way into your eyes, nose and mouth if you are not vigilant.

 Weirdly coloured insects are seen in the evenings and the mornings, some bite, some make irritating noises, all in all, its a pest fest!

So… yeah… I think I covered them all; things which I don’t like about the monsoons.

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P.S :- All gifs from google images.


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