Why do people care?

You see a woman, can be any body type, walking with skimpy clothes on. You feel uncomfortable. You instantly judge her character, assuming she is promiscuous.

This happens every time a woman is seen in clothes she chose to wear. I ask now, why do people care what someone chose to wear?

I think, its because of the way others look at that woman. I personally don’t give a damn what people wear, its their business not mine. But what makes me uncomfortable is other people looking at that person, who is just happy being who they are. Now I would also like to say that this change of perspective in me is not old ( I’m no saint! :p ). I have recently started seeing things this way, and I am happy to say I find myself more at peace than before. Its that person’s business what they wear and what they don’t.
Having said all this, I would also like to point that a little good sense while dressing didn’t kill anybody.

And let’s not only make this about women; there are also men out there, wearing gravity defying pants! Of course they are ridiculed too. Which is required to an extent.

So let’s let others live shall we?


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