Saving….. Saved!

Savouring memories…

Now recently my computer crashed and all the data in it was erased, as a result my most coveted photographs, videos were all lost.

Why God ??!! Why??!!!
At first I wasn’t so much as even sad as to why the hell would such a thing happen to me, though I knew why (sigh.).
Then the sheer depth of it all left me breathless. Years and years of compiling important stuff, capturing important occasions, had gone to waste. Total waste. And there was nothing I could do about it.
When we lose such things in life, they may be your college photos, funny videos of friends; might give a new perspective to us. You can’t save everything, you will miss out on some things. And those moments which couldn’t be captured will always be in your mind. They might fade away. But they’ll be like your own sweet little secret. Something which only you’ll be privy to. You might never be able to get those moments back, but you’ll always remember the exact emotions of which those memories are made of.
But I was lucky enough to find most of the photos which I had lost on various friends’ Facebook accounts. Thank God for the internet! 
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