International Men’s Day

Half of the day passes, and then I come to know that today is the International Men’s day. A commercial puts the topic in front that how we have become biased towards the fairer sex, and completely forgot the men (except those who are fathers, of course). #ShowMenSomeLove they say. And honestly I don’t see the harm in that. They are long overdue to be shown some appreciation for their efforts.
If we want an equal world, I think men also need to be remembered and cherished as we do the same for women now. We all are humans in the end, right?

So I dedicate this day to all the times a man has been good to me, done me a great deed, or just been friendly. He may be my father, who stayed out in the December cold to get my school admission form, or my brother who reluctantly took me to his friend’s birthday parties when we were kids because my mom made him do so; whereas he could have easily made a fuss and said no, but he didn’t. They may be friends who gave me company when I was left alone, or teachers who have guided me through the toughest of times. When it comes to understanding the troubles of others, one can never be sure that a female perspective will always be helpful. Many a times I have found that men are much more helpful in solving ones problems.

A father, a brother, a friend, a companion and husband. Oh so many roles to play!For their chivalry, goodness of the heart and jolliness I am thankful.

Happy Men’s Day!

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