Things I love about winters in India

Winter is coming.

There is no doubt that one of the most awesome seasons in all is the winter season. Especially for skinny people who are tired of being taunted on how malnutrition-ed they look (yeah that’s me). So here’s a list of things that I absolutely love about Winters!

1) The produce.

During winter, at least in India, some of the best produce can be enjoyed. The plumiest of tomatoes, greenest of spinach and the reddest carrots are available. They in turn lead to scrumptious dishes.

2) The food!

Continuing my above point, the tastiest dishes in the year are all made during the winter season. Gajar ka halwa , Makke di roti with Sarso da saag, and especially for Maharashtrians (that’s me too :D) Gud ki roti with ghee or “गुळाची पोळी आणि तूप ” are the tastes of the season!

Oh so delicious!

No Indian can avert from freshly prepared Gajar ka halwa!

The most awaited winter treat at my house!
तीळ गुळ घ्या गोड गोड बोला 🙂 

Enough about food, let’s move on…

3) The Razai or quilts.

Almost in every Indian household there is at least on Jaipuri Razai, which is famed to keep you warm even in the direst of winter conditions.


As a consequence, many a times people have missed reaching their work on time; Because they are so damn comfortable in bed! And before you think I get up on time, let me tell you… I’m no different Okay?! I love to sleep in the razai and would if I could, spend the whole winter days in it.. But then who’d eat the food? o.O 😀

4) The weather.

Its no secret that the Sun is most beloved to us in this season. I have myself spent many a days trying to keep warm with sunlight, but it sometimes doesn’t affect as much. I have spent at least a semester on my college campus basking in the Sun with my friends. 😀

In winters the afternoons seem like mornings and the mornings seem like evenings, only one thing remains constant, the cold weather.

Now that we have established how we love to eat hot food in the winters, should we not also talk about the beverages? Heck no! So here they are…

5) The beverages.

Let’s get back to food now 😀

A hot beverage of any kind, be it tea or coffee, is dear to me when I am shivering with cold. And the bonus is the ginger that gets added to them! So refreshingly soothing.

And of course, soups taste oh so much better in the winters!

6) Christmas!

The most awesome part of winter season, besides the food, is Christmas time! I don’t actually celebrate the entire festival, but I like to get involved in the festivities in my own way 😀

So you can count on me to post a Christmas related article soon enough! 

7) New Year!

The beginning of the new year and the end of the old one is much fun for me, to make ‘breakable resolutions’, stay up late in the night, celebrate with friends and family; this is what the new year is all about!

All in all, Winters are a time to be happy, get healthy and stay awesome 😀


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