Seinfeld, a sitcom which ran from 1989-1998. I was born in 1993, so technically I haven’t seen even one of the original runs on TV (because I was like 5 years old 😛 ).

So I started seeing this series when it came on TV, as re-runs. The earliest I remember seeing this sitcom is in around 3rd grade, and I didn’t quite understand it then. But as the years progressed, I fell in love with this series. So here is why I love Seinfeld.

1. The general theme of the sitcom.

It isn’t gloomy, action based, or dramatic. It’s just balanced. And the fact that the direst of situations are laughed off so easily, is what makes me adore this series. The sheer ridiculousness of this series is hilarious!

2. The character eccentricities.

Probably the funniest bunch of people, with the quirkiest characters!
Kramer, George, Jerry, and Elaine. Such an awesome chemistry!
There isn’t a more quirkier character alive, than of Cosmo Kramer.
There isn’t a pathetically funny character than George Costanza.
The sheer energy of Elaine Benes is electrifying! She portrays the quintessentially humourous woman. I just love her!
And of course, there is no one more witty and humourous than Jerry Seinfeld.

The soda-bottle glasses. Funniest ever!

3. This show is almost always, politically correct.

The most awesome thing about this sitcom is that I have almost never felt that they have misrepresented any ethnicity. They might have squeezed in a few jokes or two, but its pure comedy at its best!
Overall, I have found it to be a very progressive series.

4. Comic timing.

Now I know, that this is probably the most obvious thing ever, but it is brilliant and cannot be missed!
This series provides all kinds of laughs possible, and at times its so ridiculously funny, you will laugh while jumping out of your seats!

5. The parents.

The bits in which any parents of the four primary cast members are included, that episode is bound to be funny. And the bonus is, they act pretty much like Indian parents! : ) )

‘dimag to thik hai tera!’

6. The fashion

There are some of the most funny pieces of fashion I have witnessed in Seinfeld.
For example:

The Urban Sombrero.

Elaine’s dress.

The pimp costume.

7. The dialogues.
This series has some of the funniest dialogues I have ever come across. 
Maybe the dingo ate your baby!
Aaaaaand I’m done. I gotta watch it more.
I just love Seinfeld!! 

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