The Art of Conversing

As human beings, the most important thing we socially do is talking. We talk whenever and wherever with whomever we feel like sharing words. So much so that people don’t care what time it is, where they are.. they will TALK. I had this realization when I was stuck in a local for about 2 hours in the ladies compartment at 5 in the morning (A.M.!!). Enough said.

A person has to learn two things in the beginning of his life. One of them is talking. It is such an integral part of human life that there are actual professions related to talking.
 As far as the art of conversation goes; some are good at it, and some… well, need practice. A lot of it. In the skill of keeping a conversation going , an important part is learning how to shut up. Most people know how to start talking, but few know when to stop. It becomes like that cup which keeps on being filled in, even after it starts overflowing. And as you can assume, it’s not a pretty sight. These conversations take such weird turns that you yourself will have no idea how you got there. One minute you are talking about chocolate, the next you’ll find yourself debating over which politician is more corrupt. How friendly discussions change into verbal fights is beyond my comprehension. But having seen some of these incidents, has brought to light the sole reason of this travesty. The art of shutting up when you know it is pointless to argue evades most people. Hence the arguments augment and tempers flare, and then you find yourself witnessing a full-fledged “War of Words”

Please. Stop.

If like me, you find yourself in such a sticky situation, ask yourself, “Is it worth the amount of breath that will be lost for this pointless discussion?” If not, then it is nothing less than intelligent to bow out of such a conversation. Winning is not always everything.

Stay Awesome \m/

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  1. Ritz says:

    True not many people know how to shut up!!


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