An Essay on Selflessness and the Poison called ‘Anger’

What is happiness?

Some find it in the way they look in a certain dress, some find it in the sky and the beauty of nature, but some people find joy in the happiness of others. Being selflessly there for someone just because your presence matters to them even a little bit brings happiness to these wonderful people. I am happy to say that I am one of these people. I may be selfish in some aspects and kind of on this front as well. I get happy when the people I care about are happy, that’s a bit selfish, I guess.

And this is why I am baffled when people act all high and mighty in comparison to others. I recently observed the people around me have this type of an attitude; where they would choose to skip a gathering just because they were either snubbed or are still angry about something which may or may not have actually happened with the invitees. Long story short, these people don’t show up for important functions and the hosts are left feeling morose.

I have a question for these people. What do you think you’ll achieve by doing such a thing? Who do you think looks bad after such an event takes place? The one who is taking ‘revenge’ or the one who is waiting for your arrival like a child waits for its parents in the evening. I hope most of you would think the first one would be the most stupidly selfish person.

Is anger really that important? Have you not learned that all of life is an act of letting go? Here, I must clarify – I am against forgetting exceptionally devilish acts which cause irreparable damage. But one must consider the consequences of holding on to one’s anger for a ridiculously long amount of time. I for one cannot stay angry at a person for long. It is a useless toxic emotion which should be kicked out from the soul as soon as possible.  Happiness is what I strive for; it will always be my ultimate goal. With you, or without you.

So here’s the bottom line – You will never benefit from snubbing someone else in return, because you will keep the stupid hate cycle going, which is good for nobody. So get up and go make up with that friend, relative, companion, colleague, or anybody else who is mad at you, or vice versa.   
And please, always try and be there for someone who cares for you and will have even a little bit of joy in their lives if you’re there.  You’ll feel awesome doing that, trust me.

Stay awesome \m/

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  1. shreysaxena says:

    Works well. Nicely put. 🙂


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