I drift away like a leaf in the river. And I like it. I am a wisp of cotton, riding on the wings of the wind and going God knows where… But this wandering is what keeps me alive. I was never built for routine. Randomness is what keeps me going.
Many people like me are not as lucky as I am, and there are many who are much more fortunate than I am. The choices you can make in your life without having to face any questions or restrictions are truly yours. But there is a cost which comes with them. If you succeed, well and good. But if you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself and the people around you will make sure you blame yourself to the point of self destruction.
So what’s the point?
I have always valued failure more than success because to succeed is final. But when you fail, you know that there is something more to be done. And then life goes on. A purpose to exist is always at hand when you have a few failures in life.
Even drifting aimlessly has its perks. You are able to weave an unimaginable pattern, because you don’t know how it ends. So you won’t know until you are over and then the pattern will be complete. And because you won’t be finished, the pattern will always go on, as does life.
The journey is what makes life all the more awesome. Reaching the destination just to set out again. A respite from the voyage. But ultimately we all need to pack and leave for the next place. We the Wanderers.

Stay Awesome \m/

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