Get a life!

Disclaimer-This will be a weird (sentimental) post for some.

So my dad’s sitting, looking through some of his old documents; job appointment letters, blood donation certificates, even his first salary slip! (Btw it was 750 rupees. Just wow.) That’s when he found a file with my brother’s old report cards in it. (Note: My brother has always been good with grades, and I have been average. Shocker) A few days ago, I surfed through my old school pictures and report cards. And it dawned on me that I remember very little of what all was in those photos. Though I am sure my parents would remember most of it.


Someday, I’ll be in the same position as them. Looking through old things; finding my old documents. Pictures from my school and college farewells will bring back memories of that stick thin girl. Certificates of dance performances; and the feeling of euphoria that came with winning competitions. My first internship certificate, even my CV! And I’ll look misty eyed and stare in the distance thinking, “Life has been so great!”

Truth be told, I had a lukewarm childhood, and my teenage years, not so thrilling; so the real fun I’m having is now and in all probability for all my coming life. I’m basing all my plans on having as much fun as possible. It’s been going on pretty well with this protocol. In the last year, I did more stuff than I’d done during my three years of graduation. I went to Jaipur Literature Festival; spent a gala time during my internship in Mumbai (learned a LOT); and then to end the year, another awesome experience with the Mood Indigo fest (Best Time Ever)! That’s my one year’s worth of memories when I decided I was going to live.

I saw Vir Das live!

There are enough shitty people around you to bum you out, so you just have to ignore all that and focus on the real stuff, the experiences, the memories; because when you’re eighty years old and clinging to a box of medicines to keep you alive, this treasure trove of memories is what’s going to give you the satisfaction of a life well lived before the time had passed. You can earn all the money you want and spend it on luxurious dinners in your 30s, but you won’t ever have the pure fun of having plain 20 rupees idli sambar at 6 in the morning after having stayed up all night chatting about random stuff with people you’ve just met 3 days ago.

Life is unpredictable, and not always fun; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Go out and do something! Live! You’re not going to be here that long, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.


And Stay Awesome \m/

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