The Land Where Clouds Live (Part II)

My journey to a place which seemed like heaven.


In The Land Where Clouds Live (Part I)

During the last weekend, I visited the beautiful hilly haven of Mahabaleshwar, which is situated some 269 kms from Mumbai. Before we go any further, you must know that the month of May is especially harsh as it is the crescendo of the Indian summer season. Temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius (and beyond), you can… Continue reading In The Land Where Clouds Live (Part I)

Life lessons

On Long Distance Relationships

Hello world! Before you go any further, the term "relationships" here refers to any relationship you have with the people you love. It can be your parents, friends or your significant other. To start off, let me tell you the basis of this post. During the 22 year span of my life, I've had to… Continue reading On Long Distance Relationships

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11th of the Month – To the friends of bygone days…

Hello People of the abyss!I love DeadpoolIt's not an astonishing fact that we make friends, we keep them for some years, and then we inevitably drift apart. Some might have been our best buddies, some "fair weather friends", or just acquaintances you got connected to. Life took them away, maybe even death. Sometimes distance separates… Continue reading 11th of the Month – To the friends of bygone days…

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On Coexistence

Hello Peeps of the Internet!SourceAfter careful contemplation I have come across this fact that as humans we are going against our  natural structure as a race and doing something we most certainly should be doing the opposite of. In other words - we are working towards staying apart, when we should be living together as… Continue reading On Coexistence