On Coexistence


Hello Peeps of the Internet!


After careful contemplation I have come across this fact that as humans we are going against our  natural structure as a race and doing something we most certainly should be doing the opposite of. In other words – we are working towards staying apart, when we should be living together as a unit. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that you know the world should be ALWAYS at peace blah blah blah, I’m not that naive.

That’s not happening anytime soon…(Source)

But where we should be making things easier, we complicate them further. An accidental scratch on someone’s car becomes the cause for a full on MMA fight. I’m watching things escalate too quickly and it’s laughable for the most part. Like, Seriously?


And I think this happens more during the frustrating times, like on a hot summer day, or a rainy day with no sunlight. You can clearly see these people with their misplaced anger shouting at the unfortunate person on the receiving side of the battle.

As humans, we’ve lost the primal instinct of “giving a damn” or in other words, caring about someone other than yourself. Regardless of caste, creed, job title, status, hierarchy, etc., as human beings, we should be more considerate to the feelings of others. The world is so beyond us now that we can’t figure out which beggar is “real” and which one is just a front for a major drug scheme.

(Source) Hmmm…..

So in this topsy turvy environment, one thing we can do is become caring without expectation. Not like “Nooo he didn’t do that for me”, or “there’s no way she’ll be able to top that! So why should I go the extra mile?” Do it! Not for yourself, or the other person, but for someone else who will be watching. People do learn by watching you know. Especially the young ones. Let there be more good in this world, there are enough of those who want to blow it up. Let’s live together, cohabit, coexist.

Don’t make me shake good sense into you!

Some (many) may think this post is too out there. Guess what? This is my rant and I don’t care if you don’t find it appealing. I’m just tired of people with their “me time“. Get some “we time” in there too for Dumbledore’s sake. You didn’t fall out of the sky to be “unique“. You’re ONE OF US.

Even cats and dogs can do things together!

Stay Awesome \m/

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