On Long Distance Relationships

Hello world!

Before you go any further, the term “relationships” here refers to any relationship you have with the people you love. It can be your parents, friends or your significant other.

To start off, let me tell you the basis of this post.

During the 22 year span of my life, I’ve had to maintain ties with friends, cousins and even my father. Apparently the people I love seem to go far away from me for long periods of time. My dad spent 5 years away from us, and it made me cherish his presence a little bit more when he came to visit.

When I was in school, two of my best friends moved to a different city, and since I was a kid back then, we couldn’t keep in touch. Years later, I reconnected with them on Facebook (the best reason why FB is awesome).

I wish I lived during a time when only letters were sent! (Source)

It is my opinion that in today’s age it is quite impossible to not stay connected to people. Even if you don’t have a medium of communication, there will most certainly be someone you know who would.

This dog has a phone. (Source)

But just talking doesn’t make the distance any easier. Now that I’m older, I have friends studying and working in different cities, so it’s difficult for us to meet. Or even if some live in the same city, I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. As a result, I’ve drifted away from some of them. People go away, life takes them away. Although I miss the time I spent with all my friends together. And the best time ever is when they come back for a visit! Even if it’s for a few days, I feel the same happiness again.

All’s well in the world! Yay! (Source)

Life might be about meeting new people (at least that’s what social media is about), but it’s also about building better relationships with existing ones.

To help in that, I’ve found that telling the other person how you feel is most important, because they are too far from you to understand your signals (unless it’s your mom; she knows EVERYTHING). So blurt it out! Text, write, tweet. I’ve written letters for my friends, which is fun in its own way, but nothing beats meeting them face to face. So if you’re in it for the long haul, don’t let go that easy. And if they are good people, you won’t have to do a lot.

Yours truly,



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