In exactly 9 days, I will complete 23 years on planet earth. 23 years of a ride through various phases, people and places.

And what am I now? I’d say…

  • I knew the struggles of my parents for years, but now I can say I understand them better, and I’m grateful to them for giving me such an awesome life. I’ll do my best for them.
  • I’m a goofy person; maybe I’ll become a comedienne in the future, who knows..
  • I’m a foodie, not a glutton.
  • I’m a feminist. That means a humanist (for some people, who are stuck on the etymology). I believe in the equality of the genders, but I also know for a fact that things need to change for all women out there. Anyone who doesn’t believe the above statement is a doofus (Yeah I said it).
  • I know that people have struggles of their own, and I respect them for their courage to fight, no matter how small the battle is. I believe we need kindness in the world more than the hatred. I know there are more good people in the world than the bad ones, they’re just lost. I know that they’ll find their way someday to make this world a better place, until then, I’ll be the good the world need. I can’t fight like the others, I can’t hold campaigns; but I can write, so I’ll do just that. For all the trash that’s written, I’ll write good pieces (as per my capabilities).
  • I understood that seeing the bad is as important as seeing the good, because if you don’t you’ll never know the difference.
  • I’m more accepting, but strict towards the things which should not be accepted. I know the difference between right and wrong and the grey area in between.
  • I know heartbreak is the worst and best thing to happen to a person.  You need to break it open to swallow up all the great things out there.
  • Love is the best emotion in the world.
  • I am in contact with the best people I’ve known in all these years.
  • I know more emotions than I knew last year.


And I’m not done; I’m constantly growing up.

That’s the promise I make to myself; I’ll keep on moving, growing, and enjoying this life.


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