11th of the Month- July

To newness

This month, life changed for the better. I reached the place of my dreams. Was finally able to raise the anchor and sail for the distant horizon. Experienced a newfound freedom, happiness, and sadness. New acquaintances; merely names on a list a few days ago, I now can call them friends. A new life. Old roots but a new sky. Finding help in the unlikeliest of places. A sense of finding yourself in a place you thought you’d never fit in. Finding your strengths and weaknesses. This is what life’s supposed to be.

Hey peeps!

The cryptic paragraph above translates as follows: I moved to Mumbai, started studying at Xavier’s. Started living on my own (It’s like living in a separate room, but where your parents call you all the time; you can’t see them and vice versa). I made new friends, met new people. I’m studying something new. I still am connected to my friends back home. My lovely sister in law turned out to be the “go to person”, for EVERYTHING. Strength: I’m not as emotional as I thought. Weakness: I’m not good with managing money it seems, but I’m working on it.

Making it rain on food! Source

Attending a class made of a variety of people from different backgrounds, you realize a lot of things. The sheer magnitude of the world around is humbling and exciting at the same time. The one thing that rose above everything else was, that no matter where everyone came from (talking about only non-localites), each one of them was homesick.


Will say this though, I’ve never felt better. I am absolutely, truly, exactly in the place I want to be. Looking forward to greater things!

Until next time.

Yours truly,



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