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#TheWeekendChallenge – 2 Khotachi Wadi

Hey people! I'm back! This Sunday (27/11/16) I went to Khotachi Wadi with my friend Meghna, as part-2 of the Weekend Challenge. It was a roughly planned visit, we just decided we'd take a cab and land up there, but had no idea what we'd do next. We reached by 5 in the evening, and… Continue reading #TheWeekendChallenge – 2 Khotachi Wadi

The Weekend Challenge, Travel

#TheWeekendChallenge-1: Dahanu Beach

Hello people! One of my favourite geographical locations in the world are beaches. Another are the mountains; but there's something so serene about being near a water body, you just can't describe it. So on Sunday, I went to Dahanu beach, as part of the first leg of my Three-Weekend challenge. Dahanu is a small… Continue reading #TheWeekendChallenge-1: Dahanu Beach