#TheWeekendChallenge – 2 Khotachi Wadi

Hey people! I’m back! This Sunday (27/11/16) I went to Khotachi Wadi with my friend Meghna, as part-2 of the Weekend Challenge. It was a roughly planned visit, we just decided we’d take a cab and land up there, but had no idea what we’d do next.

#TheWeekendChallenge-1: Dahanu Beach

Hello people! One of my favourite geographical locations in the world are beaches. Another are the mountains; but there’s something so serene about being near a water body, you just can’t describe it. So on Sunday, I went to Dahanu beach, as part of the first leg of my Three-Weekend challenge.

The Weekend Challenge!

Hello peeps! As you know I’m being thrown assignments front right and center for the past few months, but this one is probably one of the useful ones I’ve gotten. So I had to use a social media platform and form a brand for myself, and since I already have a blog, I thought I could…

11th of the Month – Better Late than Never!

Imagine this, you’re in a hurry, but you meet an old friend on the way, so you just shout “Hey! How are you? Longtime no see!” Then you talk a little, and cut the conversation short by saying, “Sorry yaar I’m in a hurry, we’ll talk nicely some other time!” and zoop! you’re on your…