11th of the Month – Better Late than Never!

Imagine this, you’re in a hurry, but you meet an old friend on the way, so you just shout “Hey! How are you? Longtime no see!” Then you talk a little, and cut the conversation short by saying, “Sorry yaar I’m in a hurry, we’ll talk nicely some other time!” and zoop! you’re on your way. This post will be slightly longer than that.


Hello peeps!

I know I haven’t written (here) in a while (except assignments, of course). So I thought I’d get back to it.

The past couple of months have been hectic and oh boy is there a lot to be written!

So… life’s brutally fabulous right now. I’m talking, listening or reading (and eating) for the greater part of the day.

Mumbai is, pretty awesome. Initially I spent almost every other evening at Marine Drive, enduring the eyesore, i.e. the trash floating on the waves, but ignoring it to capture the moods and hues of the horizon. It’s truly beautiful.


I know it’s blurred. 

Now about Xavier’s. It’s a Hogwarts-like place, which in itself is surreal; the thought just hits me out of the blue sometimes. It’s crowded, and alive, just like the city.


Friends, a lot of them. In the company of such lovely folks, this city has given me a lot already.

Every day at college, though shrouded in fatigue, there’s an adventure.

A big city changes many things. You come across new ideas, new ways of life. Adapting to this life was exciting. Seeking novelty has always been my driving force in life, so this vast area of activity felt like the perfect place for me. But there are pros and cons to any situation. Even though it’s a city full of people, at times, it makes you ‘feel’ lonely. And I’ve been lucky enough to have people around me who felt the same, so I never had to feel alone for more than a minute.

Highlights of the past months: Went to Elephanta caves. Watched dahi handi and Ganpati visarjan up close. Traveled to and fro on the Western Railway local line multiple times. Met Kailash Kher and Rajeev Masand. Managed to make a website on my own (seems trivial, I know, but huge for me). Attended Comic Con, again. All in all, 2016 is feeling pretty good.

I think that’s about it for now.



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