The Weekend Challenge!

Hello peeps!

As you know I’m being thrown assignments front right and center for the past few months, but this one is probably one of the useful ones I’ve gotten. So I had to use a social media platform and form a brand for myself, and since I already have a blog, I thought I could use this project to work on it better. Now the thing to decide was, what to do?

Now, ever since coming here I wanted to see how the weekend culture worked in big cities like Mumbai. In Bhopal, we’d hardly go out on the weekends. Vacations were only for summer breaks. But my parents always took me and my brother to see new places around India during our vacations. As a result I’m addicted to traveling.

So I’ve decided to have a 30-day “Weekend Challenge”, where for three weekends starting from the 19th I will go to places of some significance historical/natural/cultural in (or close to) Mumbai.

YAY! Source

Perfect marriage of work and play!


So on 20th , I’ll be heading to Dahanu Beach, located in Palghar District. It is a scenic sea side, around 100 kilometers from Mumbai.

Dahanu, Bordi beach. Source

The locations of the other places will be revealed next week!

That’s all for now! See you on Monday!




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  1. Ankita says:

    That’s really cool Shubhada 🙂


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