#TheWeekendChallenge-1: Dahanu Beach

Hello people!

One of my favourite geographical locations in the world are beaches. Another are the mountains; but there’s something so serene about being near a water body, you just can’t describe it. So on Sunday, I went to Dahanu beach, as part of the first leg of my Three-Weekend challenge.

Dahanu is a small town characterized by the presence of the Warli tribe and the Parsis who have lived here for several generations. Unaffected by any kind of urbanisation, the village has been listed as a ‘green zone’ because of it being ecologically fragile.

Maharashtra Tourism

I started from Churchgate at around 10 in the morning on Saturday, reached Boisar at around 12:30 in the afternoon. Chilling at home for the better part of the remaining weekend, we started for Dahanu beach at 4 p.m. on Sunday. Contrary to the weather in Mumbai, it is beginning to feel like winter in Boisar. So I kept my jacket with me, packed my camera, and off we went! It took us around 45 minutes to reach by road, although you can take the local to Dahanu Road station if you want.

On the way, you’ll smell the beach before you sea see it. The smell of drying fish will fill your lungs. If that’s something you don’t like, just wait for sometime, because when you get close to the sea, all unpleasantness will be forgotten.

When we reached there, we could hear loud thumping noises coming from the beach front. As we got closer, it only grew louder, and finally we saw that a dhol performance practice was underway. Their rhythm complimented the natural sound in those surroundings as the coming waves added their own music to the medley.


At first sight, the beach seems like any other; but as you get closer, you start seeing the differences. Dahanu beach is much cleaner than most of Mumbai’s beaches. It also has a lot of sea shells and rocks, and very less to no garbage on the shore. Also like most of the beaches on the west coast of India, it has dark sands.



On the horizon I could see many fishing boats, probably on their way to start their work.


Despite being a weekend, there wasn’t much of a crowd on the beach, just some local people. The food stalls were few, ranging from bhel to coconut water to baraf ka gola (Of which I had bhel and coconut water).

The area gave the vibe of a local beach, where people even brought their vehicles on the shore. One guy was particularly talented and brought a Range Rover. A group of boys played cricket, some splashed around in the water.

Channeling the photographer in me (while also trying to figure out how do I decrease the *exposure*), I tried clicking photographs, some were good enough to put here.






All in all, a peaceful retreat from the grueling weekday schedule, and a must-visit for lovers of the sea!


  1. Go either in the morning or in the late afternoon as the roads are bad, and are still being made; so you’ll want to travel when you can clearly see the roads to avoid mishaps.
  2. Take a polythene bag for your shoes and a water bottle to wash your feet if you don’t want to move around with sandy feet.
  3. Don’t forget to take some souvenirs as some really cool rocks and shells are strewn all over.

    This is what I got!
  4. Don’t miss the bhel and coconut water.
  5. If you get a chance to look around the place,there are tribal villages where the famous Warli art is taught.
  6. Since Dahanu is famous for its chickoos, in the beginning of every year, they have a Chickoo Festival. Do check that out!


So if you want to just sit and look at the large expanse of the sea, this is the place to go.

That’s all for now, next weekend’s place will be revealed in a few days!


(All images taken by Shubhada Kale)



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