#TheWeekendChallenge – 3 , Also – 11th of the Month! Banganga

Friday December 2nd

Around 9:30 p.m.

Ritcha – let’s go to Banganga.

Me– when?

Ritcha– 7 a.m.

Me – Oh man I’ll have to wake up early on a weekend! Well … okay!

Saturday December 3rd

We got up at 6, and were out the door by 6:45, though we missed the sunrise, and reached the place in 10 minutes. Walkeshwar temple is situated in Malabar Hill, Mumbai. The bawdi near the temple is called Banganga. Legend has it that when Lord Ram was on his journey to search for Goddess Sita, he halted here. He was thirsty so he hit the ground with an arrow which spurt water, and so Banganga was formed. It is a fresh water tank in the heart of South Bombay.


As we asked around for the place, winding roads took us to the bawdi. On the way, we passed the Walkeshwar temple, and a few other places. A light chilly breeze was plying and we were eager to see the place. When we finally saw it, our reactions were poles apart. Ritcha was disappointed with the fact that it was so poorly kept. There was rubbish on the steps and people were bathing in the water, despite there being a notice asking them not to, but who cares. I was just happy to be there and see the place where scenes from “Outsourced” were filmed (More so because I was going to finish the challenge). I did feel sad about its condition, but I tried to focus on the good things. Many ducks and swans were in the lake, with crows and dogs in the vicinity.




Just as we were about to leave, a man came with two huge bags and went on the edge. He took out a packet and opened it, dumping the white coloured food into the water. The birds which were far from him came swimming at him with such a speed, their tails swishing furiously. For the next 30 minutes, it was breakfast time for the birds. Rice puffs for the ducks and swans, and sev for the crows.




I went and talked to the man, who told me he came there every day at the same time. That was the birds’ food or they ate the fishes in the tank.

And then we got crapped on by some bird in the trees. So we just though, ho gaya bohot, niklo ab. We grabbed a cab and enjoyed seeing the rising sun over a burning sea on our way back.


My tip is, don’t expect too much when you go there. It’s a good place to see during the early morning hours, if you ignore the overweight uncles who bathe in the tank.

Now that I’ve finished The Weekend Challenge, I’m going to try and write new stuff soon!

That’s all for now!

See you next week!



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