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DIT: A Shop Lost in Time

I am sorry for missing yesterday's #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers, I have a good reason for that as well, something I am not that thrilled about - assignments. My classmates will agree that the past 10 months have had us doing a lot of work, from searching for budget buys to finding a hidden gem in the city.… Continue reading DIT: A Shop Lost in Time

10 things I like about Xaviers, 2017, Uncategorized

Cat lover’s paradise

Hey! Today's thing for #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers is cats! My love for cats emerged ten times strongly after I realised that in Mumbai there was an unlimited supply of these furry little/big creatures. It wasn't before long that I went to college and I saw the most adorable white kittens. Now they're all grown up, but these… Continue reading Cat lover’s paradise

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‘Real’ Friends, really friends.

An investment is an amount you put into something of value, and overtime when the money you’ve spent comes back to you two-or three times over, is when you’ve made the profit. Sometimes, these investments pay up, or they plunge us into losses. Human investments are the same. We don’t know what goes wrong, or… Continue reading ‘Real’ Friends, really friends.

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1. Do we all wear masks?

Black Mirror? Heard of it? If not, you need to go watch it ASAP! (And don't read this post because there are major spoilers ahead!) And if you have, I invite you to fangirl for this awesome series! One of the great things of being around people who binge watch episodes, is that they are… Continue reading 1. Do we all wear masks?

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Types of Drunk People

Holi is the only Indian festival which allows you to get piss drunk (socially). Many a times I’ve seen people swaying to the beat of some unheard music, or just simply staring into the void. Their monkey-red faces displaying a mix of emotions, while their drooping eyes show the effect of the enjoyment. Of course… Continue reading Types of Drunk People