1. Do we all wear masks?

Black Mirror? Heard of it? If not, you need to go watch it ASAP! (And don’t read this post because there are major spoilers ahead!) And if you have, I invite you to fangirl for this awesome series!

One of the great things of being around people who binge watch episodes, is that they are the go-to people when you need something new. I met one of them in Mumbai, and as part of my #10ThingsILikeAboutXavier‘s series, I’m going to talk about Black Mirror and how I came across it. I recently started watching it grace à Prahlad, my classmate. Figuratively, he has every show or movie of consequence, and has been educating me in the same. He also writes really cool stuff and you can check out his blog here.  Black Mirror, a psychological thriller brings your worst fears in front of you, and I guarantee it will leave you speechless.

I just finished watching the first episode of the third season, and it hit me way too hard. I don’t think any fictional piece of art has ever impacted me so much.



The episode is an exaggerated version of what would happen if we were to continue this culture of ‘likes, loves, and comments’. Ratings would become normal to be used in regard with people as well. So essentially, that Hindi teacher who didn’t give you enough marks on your test can be given a 2-star rating. But on the other hand, an emotional outburst in the middle of the market when you lose your wallet can cost you rating points as well. The crux of the argument being, we humans are profane AND courteous; so negating one form of expression is not only harmful for the person who will suffer from not expressing himself, it will also impact the overall veracity of the human experience. We need both to keep a balance. You need masked and unveiled people for a good mix of human interaction. We are not supposed to be perfect.

giphy (6)
Fun fact: I was skepticle at first to start the series because I thought it was a horror series. And I don’t think you can say it’s not, because it is SCARY. Source

In the opening sequence of the  Nosedive, we can see the actress mimicking her own laughter to seem pleasant and approachable. Pleasing others was the norm. She even went so far as to put the photo of a coffee which she DIDN’T like, just for the face value. This is particularly eerie because we do see this happening right now as well. We do something, because it looks good. Frankly, more than half the times I’m out with friends, I forget to take photos, let alone update them on Facebook or Instagram. I don’t know where I would be on the ratings chart.

The people in this time all relied on the acceptance of others; so if someone didn’t like you, chances are many more won’t and that was catastrophic for your being. It could drastically impact your lifestyle and the avenues open to you would greatly reduce.You didn’t have access to the same amenities as someone who had a higher rating than you; so it was just like being ‘socially poor‘.

To think that this could be the future we are headed to, makes me want to go off the grid. It finally made me understand why many of my friends don’t like posting things on social media. Social media lacks the human touch of telling a story face to face. And no matter what new technological advances are made in the years to come, I hope we will not deem the opinion of strangers more important than of those close to us.

That’s all for today, I hope I’ve raised some curiosity in you! See you tomorrow with a new post on #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers. Also, feel free to tell me which other episode of Black Mirror or any other series shocked you.



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