‘Real’ Friends, really friends.

An investment is an amount you put into something of value, and overtime when the money you’ve spent comes back to you two-or three times over, is when you’ve made the profit. Sometimes, these investments pay up, or they plunge us into losses. Human investments are the same. We don’t know what goes wrong, or right, it just seems to happen that way.
For today’s #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers is the concept of friendship.

No matter how old you get, making friends initially is an awkward process, but as days go by, you see a change and you’re getting along with everyone. That’s what happened in the first few months of college. And as they passed by, I found myself going from person to person, to see where I fit in their equations. Some worked out, many didn’t. But that hasn’t and will never stop me. Xavier’s gave me probably the best bunch of people to have around at this point in my life.
I live with young, talented and beautiful girls from various backgrounds and in my time with them, they have made me feel like home more than any fair-weather friend I made outside. I have grown to love them and care for them, and many a times learn from them as well. Especially my roommates who are absolute angels and if you come to think of it, had I not come here, I would never have met them. I can say without a doubt no matter what happens to our friendship in the future, I will always love them.
When you live with people at such close quarters, they tend to form a different bond with you. You see their insecurities as they are. It is a privilege to be privy to such personal quirks and habits. We have become like sisters, where we can judge a person’s mood by the silence in their words, and in the way they look at something in the distance. We know.
A thing that Palak and Sanjana, my bubbly roomies have taught me is this – no matter what happens in your life, keep your head held high and believe that whatever happens, it is for the best.
Now, in less than two weeks we will part ways, but I just want to tell these wonderful women, the time I’ve spent with them has been the best till now. Thank you for everything you are; which is the best.


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