Cat lover’s paradise

Hey! Today’s thing for #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers is cats!

My love for cats emerged ten times strongly after I realised that in Mumbai there was an unlimited supply of these furry little/big creatures. It wasn’t before long that I went to college and I saw the most adorable white kittens. Now they’re all grown up, but these felines have been the most lovely part of my life at Mumbai and Xavier’s alike.


As I went around the city, I found many more cats, and it was always fun to look at how they acted.


Maybe they’re just cute and cuddly, or their give no damn attitude makes me feel like they’re hiding something.

Many of my friends are scared of cats, and some are too friendly; I belong to the ‘too friendly’ side. More often than not you can find me talking to cats and asking them stuff, as if they understand what I say.

It is safe to say,that Mumbai has been the reason I have become such a cat crazy person. And I love it!

Whatchya lookin’ at?

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