Goodbyes are tough (Bumper post! ) #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers

Needless to say, I’m WAY overdue with my #10ThingsILikeAboutXaviers posts (for the first four, read previous posts!). I didn’t know it would be so difficult to choose from the things I liked and feature the ones which have had an impact on me. But here I am, finally at the end of a great journey. So without beating around the bush any further, let’s get straight into it!

  1. The people:
    The best mix of people to come across. It’s a “something for everyone” kind of batch. I’ve had conversations the most serious and the most idiotic conversations in a single day. We’ve had talks ranging from the economy, to how Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is the best TV show ever. Need I say more?
  2. “The Woods”:
    This place is quite possible the cutest, and at first I found it quite laughable that such a small area was referred to as ‘the woods’, when it was as big as a garden. However, it is quite charming to be honest. I made my first friends at XIC while playing antakshari in these woods. Happy times.
  3. The Brownies:
    When the course began, for the better part of two months I was obsessed with them. I used to wait for the break to have these delectable chocolate brownies (I have no photographic evidence because who waits to take a photo when you’re hungry! Pff!) Many people had it with ice cream on top, however I always love them just the way they are. This was before I found much cheaper and delicious ones at Sassanian for almost half the price! Yet, they’re one of the best.
  4. The library:
    Even though I’ve always had a soft corner for libraries, it has been lucky that I had a great time with the people there. For some reason (I’m guessing my love for books), I’ve managed to build a good relationship with librarians. Both the women in the XIC library are absolute sweethearts and have been immensely helpful. I think my life at Xavier’s would have been incomplete without them.
  5. The education:
    It’s quite obvious, but I learned a lot here. Being around people of a certain caliber introduced me to many wonderful ideas. Special mention for Abhay Mokashi sir and Yogesh Kamdar sir, whose teachings I shall always remember. Listening to their experiences in class, the sheer wisdom they carried with them is something I am grateful to have witnessed.
  6. The architecture:
    It’s a different feeling to sit in a place which has 186 years of history behind it. Great minds thought great ideas here. It has seen so much, yet it stands resolute and splendid as ever. About 50% of the reason why I went to college everyday was to see it again and again, looking to find something new each time. I shall sorely miss the site of the quadrangle when I walk out of here for the last time.

It takes a piece of you, every time you leave a place. But it gives you more than it takes. All the memories, laughs and tears will always be with me. Thank you for the best time of my life in the City of Dreams.

Once an XICian, always an XICian.


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