Globe: Stop Before You Break The World

What do we see when we look at the world today? War, sadness, despair and unrest. Do we think what the children of the world are seeing as well? Do we know if they understand what is happening to the world they live in? If they do, can we know how well?

If I were a child in the world we live in today, I would be positively confused. I remember when I was little, and read about war in history books and thought to myself, why? What was the reason which made people fight for so long?

Consider this, a child who’s just been told what the world he lives in is like – round. The earth is round, like a ball. We know kids don’t stop asking questions, and neither does this one. He goes around asking adults about what they know of this world they live in. His father, mother, even the security guard. The answers he gets are what any of us would know, it’s round, and its good place. But as the story moves ahead, we can see all is not as it seems. The first sign of conflict comes when the boy asks his classmate “Why is your world different than mine?”, when he sees that his friend has brought something different in his tiffin, and not gol roti, like he has.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 11.42.51

At home, his father buys him a globe, and we see that the child excitedly looks at it, this is the world. He gets into a scrap with his brother and, while news is being read out in the background, the globe breaks into shambles. A sign that the world is literally being broken. But as we do, the boys try to piece it back together and they seem to succeed.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 11.44.00

He is happy and the repaired globe is in his hands, but in the end, a piece falls off, and the message of the film says, we need to stop before we break the world beyond repair.

The world is a good place, but it is rapidly degrading. And we need to wake up before we break it to the point of no return. A subtle, simple yet important message, this movie is successful getting the point across in a matter of shots. The film gives the feel of being like any other short film, but its brilliance is in the way it has been shot and the subtle signs used throughout.

Directed by Stanley Hector and written by Nitin Bedarkar, Globe has received numerous awards. It was the Short of the Week by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, the official selection into All Lights India International Film Festival. It was nominated for best Background Score and Best Poster design at Short of the Month Online Film Festival, and was the official selection for the Plural Plus Youth Video Awards.


To watch the movie – Globe

To know more about the people who made the movie:



All photos used with permission of the creators. 


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