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Last post of 2013


The year 2013 is coming to an end.

Filled with  laughter, happiness, sadness and tears.
We saw some of the most influential people leave us for the high heavens. We revelled our victories, and  mourned our losses.
All in all, this was a fantastic year, and personally, it was a fabulous year for me.

Particularly if I see the change in my country (India) , I have seen the drastic change in perspective of the populace. The young have become the driving force, bringing much needed change in society.

What I wish for the year 2014 is not so difficult, but not so easy either. I wish 2014 bring prosperity and peace to all, that all suffering be eradicated from the world, that we may find it in ourselves to rejoice in not our differences, but our similarities. Be human, believe in humanity above all religious faith.

I hope this small message resounds throughout.

My best wishes to all.

Happy New Year!!

(image courtesy- google images.)

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